Profhilo treatments

Profhilo is a relatively new award-winning treatment taking the facial aesthetics industry by storm and Dr Rebecca is one of only a few in the South East area who are trained and qualified to administer it.

Profhilo can be used on the face, neck, décolletage, hands and body.

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Prices starting from £350
Profhilo Body Kit
Profhilo Treatment Worthing

Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo is a skin ‘bio-remodeller’, tackling skin laxity over two treatments, given four weeks’ apart, with the full results being seen eight weeks after the initial treatment. Profhilo stimulates the body to kick start and increase your own collagen and elastin production boosting hydration, overall skin texture and appearance. It gives a beautiful, natural refreshed look which is why some people refer to it as an injectable moisturiser!

Profhilo Body Treatment Worthing

Profhilo Body Treatment

PROFHILO Body has been specifically formulated to treat skin laxity on body areas as opposed to the face. The body formulation is made of the same high purity hyaluronic acid as the facial product and it has exceptional results for areas that are difficult to treat with fillers such as the knees, inner arms, and stomach.

Dr Rebecca is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She is very welcoming and instantly puts you at ease. The results of my treatment have been amazing.

Clare – Profhilo Treatment