It’s all about you

Clients who come to the Shore Skin Clinic are always impressed with its location, its cleanliness and its ambience.

Dr Rebecca will take a detailed history, and ask you what are your concerns and what bothers you most. This way, she can prescribe a treatment plan which is affordable, achieves your goals, and is not a ‘quick fix’ as so many other establishments try to offer.

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Dermal Fillers Preperation

Treatments you can trust

Individual treatments are detailed within each section shown below with pricing guidelines:

An excellent doctor who I would highly recommend.

SR – Chemical Peel client

Botox Treatment

This is not about buying syringes of anti-wrinkle serum or dermal fillers in a transactional manner.

The service Dr Rebecca offers is bespoke, unique, takes into account your budget and your end goals, and above all, puts you, the client, at the centre of everything she does.

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